The all-natural hairstyles at Glamour Braids and Weaves Salon will give you an exciting new look! We specialize in all types of braiding. Try something different with your hair with stylish locks, braids, or twists.  


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Women with long hair can play with dozens of braid styles for a simple or exotic new look. When you have long hair, no style is more fun to experiment with than braids. If you think braiding is limited to the standard English style (three strands of equal size, crossed back and forth to form a simple ponytail-style braid).  

This is the perfect season to update an old hairstyle. Try a new braided style, dreadlocks,
a weave, or twist.

The braid hairstyle is a flattering, sexy style for women with medium to long hair and if this is you, it could be the look for 2008. Braids are great in any weather, just start with a pony tail and braid your hair. You can choose from French braids, plain braids or corn rows.  
Braids are so versatile, they can be interwoven with pretty ribbons, or pinned in place with classy clip. The French braid is great for controlling unruly locks on a bad hair day.  


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